Why We Need Farmers Markets & Can Not Let Them Perish

Why We Need Farmers Markets

In this day and age, we enjoy the convenience of big-name companies that provide us with almost everything we need and want in a hurry. Unfortunately, in exchange for this convenience, we have sacrificed flavor, quality, nutritional value, and variety, among other things.

Open Air Market

For thousands of years, long before the advent of grocery stores and large supermarkets, open-air markets existed. Today, we know them as Farmers Markets. Through Farmers Markets, people can buy locally homemade, homegrown, and home-raised goods, allowing them to shop based on the standards they choose to stand by. These markets enable small family businesses to survive and care for their families, contributing to the thriving of local economies by allowing small vendors and artisans to compete against larger businesses and corporations dominating the local market.

In recent years, people have become more conscious of what they consume, caring about where their food comes from and how it was cared for throughout its existence, whether an egg, apple, or steak. These reasons and more underscore                                                              Why We need Farmers Markets.

  1. Spraying Blueberries
    Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the chemicals used in the food chain and wish to minimize their exposure. By shopping at Farmers Markets, consumers can inquire directly with the producers about the use of chemicals and other growing/raising techniques.
  2. People prefer their whole foods to be as fresh as possible. Shopping locally allows the purchase of produce harvested at its peak of ripeness, unlike much of the produce available in grocery stores, which is often harvested before it is ripe and ripens in transit.
  3. Knowing your local food chain is crucial,
    Empty Food Shelves during Covid19 2020
    especially considering the disruptions caused by events like COVID-19 in 2020. Building relationships with local farmers, ranchers, beekeepers, and artisans can ensure that your fridge, freezer, and pantry don’t go empty during times when the food chain is fractured or broken.
  4. Supporting local economies is another crucial aspect. Buying and selling locally keeps money in your community, supporting local families and allowing farms to produce better nourishing foods. This stands in stark contrast to supporting large corporations, often with shareholders seeking their share.
  5. Farmers Markets offer a wider variety of foods due to different growing zones, climates, and weather conditions, allowing certain crops to thrive better in specific regions.
  6. Lastly, supporting Farmers Markets is better for the environment by shortening the supply chain and keeping the carbon footprint at a minimum. Why eat a steak from Australia or Brazil when you live in a country far away from these places?
Now, there are some cons with Farmers Markets, and we will go into the Four main problems. But, No worries, we put together a solution for all of them!
  1. Lack of convenience. Most Farmers Markets are on weekends and weekends only and during a very small time frame. On top of a lack of open days and the small time window, Farmers Markets aren’t on every corner and their locations can be sparse.
  2. Some Items can be hard to find. This can be due to climate, temperatures, and limitation of Vendor spaces at the Market.
  3. Unlike grocery stores and super markets, Farmers Markets tend to NOT be a “one-stop-shop”. The convenience of going into a grocery store and purchasing all your needs on your shopping list is a great lure and one that even the largest of Farmers Markets would find hard to fulfill.
    “one-stop-shop” supermarket
  4. Vendors have to pay for space and are constantly trying to not be scammed. One big scam that vendors are desperately on the lookout for is people creating fake events, have vendors sign up, take the money, and either shut down the event without refunds or never even run the event and disappear with the money. These actions hit hard on small family businesses and are big setbacks.
Yours Fresh has looked at these pros and cons and has found a way to combine all the Pros and eliminate the Cons to make buying from your local, small family businesses as simple and easy as possible.
    1. Unlike physical Farmers Markets, Yours Fresh is open to take orders for vendors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    2. While it can be hard to find certain Items at physical Farmers Markets, Yours Fresh will allow you to search for your needs and wants, whether local or shipped.
    3. It is true that unlike grocery stores, Farmers Markets tend to not be a “one-stop-shop”. Not with Yours Fresh, You can shop for everything right from our app. Yours Fresh 1.0. Homegrown, home-raised, homemade, artisan goods right at your fingertips.
    4. You can open a FREE STORE on Yours Fresh or on our Yours Fresh 1.0 app there are NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES!!! 
You already have an online store? Why not have your store and one on Yours Fresh and increase your reach? 
VanLeeuwen Family at their farm in KS.

With Yours Fresh, customers can easily shop ALL small family businesses that grow, raise, and/or make their own goods within a reasonable distance, or search as far as they wish with vendors that ship. Besides being a one-stop-shop for customers, vendors have the ability to share their store link on Yours Fresh. Yours Fresh is here to make it easy for customers to find local small family business and purchase from those vendors, all while making the transition from discovery and purchasing as smooth as possible.  

  • Yours Fresh is a 24/7 Farmer’s Market opened to the US, with many countries soon to follow.
  • Sell and buy directly from your community or even the world.
  • Vendors open and operate their own FREE store like the other large platforms.
  • Open your FREE STORE TODAY with NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES at Yours Fresh or on our app.

Yours Fresh 1.0 app.

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Together, We can build something undeniable 

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