Make Money from Home and pay little to no Taxes?

Artisan Bread

Did you know that you can make money from home, not pay taxes on the income, and all without a business license? All 50 States and the District Of Columbia have Cottage Food Laws and/or similar programs with 28 of those states allowing you to sell those cottage foods online. What are Cottage foods? Cottage foods are homemade, handcrafted foods that can be produced at home and sold to the public. Foods that are typically sold through these programs are things like baked goods, pickled and fermented foods, jams, jellies, and even things like eggs (for example you can sell 250 dozen eggs a month through the Colorado Cottage Foods Act).

Homemade Pickles

Every state has a slightly different variation to what is and is not allowed. 

Every state also differs on how much you can make before having to get a business license and start paying Uncle Sam his share. There are states however that do not have a cap at all allowing you to open a legitimate business without having to worry about taxes or only limited taxation and limited to no regulations and/or permits/licenses required.

Why should you consider using one of these programs? 

These programs allow you to turn your home into a business. The best part is that these programs allow you to get a taste of opening and running your own business at a minimum cost and with minimum regulations that a typical business with a Business License gets hindered with. If you are a baker who bakes artesian breads, this might be for you. Do you make small batch, homemade jams and jellies, this might just be what you were looking for.

 Listed below is a link to every state’s page for their rules and regulations, the ones marked with an asterisk(*) allow sales of Cottage foods online. We hope to see your store on Yours Fresh soon, and until then let’s continue to fight for our rights to sell foods locally grown, raised, made, and produced through small family businesses.









District of Columbia





















*New Hampshire*

New Jersey

New Mexico

*New York*

*North Carolina*

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

*South Dakota*







*West Virginia*



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